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Welcome To The Podcast

Here will be current events in Barack Obama's amazing life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor,

Glad you could make it out East and help the Obama campaign!

I thought you wouldn't mind me making this post you sent to me and MSNBC last week:

The Barack Obama Parents piece you ran this past week was OK. But I was shocked you didn't explain what a SAINT his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was - or even what she did for thousands in Indonesia. I think you might want to revisit that subject and go in-depth how much of a One Woman Peace Corp she was. She was personally loved and respected by thousands of people all over Asia. You need to give her a brighter spotlight. Please.


The New York Times ran an article that explained it much better. You really didn't explain that at all.

Here's a good piece on her:

Just Google "Stanley Ann Dunham" for a lot more background. My point is, if you're going to follow FOX's out-of-context nonsense and crucify Barack for knowing Wright, why don't you accuse him of being even more influenced by his amazing mother IN Context? It's not fair to not tell the public more about her. She was one of the most amazing women of her generation. And she did it completely on her own - self-starter extraordinaire. It's no surprise that Barack thinks of her often first when ever something new and amazing happens to him. I am sure she still remains one of his main influences & inspirations even today. You need to tell the American people why.

Taylor Barcroft
Santa Cruz CA

Citoyen du Monde said...

I received your mail on the MBO podcasters group, subscribed to this podcast and started downloading.
I am now watching the april 15th meeting you advised us so rightly to show to other voters.

I have now a big happy smile on my face. It's like being at the meeting. I have never seen such a good quality shooting on MSM. and after months of writing and reading about Barack Obama, I finally feel I am in America in the heart of the campaign (I live in Japan).

Thank you so much for your great work.

From Tokyo, with great hopes!