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15. Audio • April 21, 2004 Barack Talks With Working Families at Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell PA • 55 min

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Barack makes remarks then answers questions on these topics:

1. Media Consolidation & Net Neutrality and Media Diversity on the Internet
2. Foreign Policy
3. Global Economy & Infrastructure Investment
4. The First 100 Days of Barack's Presidency
5. Education Financial Aid
6. Health Care Reform
7. Education Reform
8. Students with Disabilities - Funding Special Education
9. Auto Energy Efficiency
10. Google for Government
11. Senior Care Relief

Download • 55 Minute 19 MB mp3 audio file for your digital audio player

1 comment:

Ahmie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this - you rock! I don't know anyone off the top of my head in NC or IN but one of my best friends works at the Univ. of WV and I'll be sharing this with her. Keep up the amazing work!