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2. April 2, 2008 Strath Haven High Town Hall, Wallingford PA Q&A 2 of 2 • 39.5 minutes

Barack answers the following questions:

1. We need more money to help find an AIDS vaccine ... and we're no where near it. In fact I'll tell you we're laying people off at the University who are doing just that work because of lack of funding. So things have really gone backwards in the current administration. What are you going to do to help us move this forward? We really need a vaccine.

2. What are you going to do about the music programs, the arts programs in public schools, because they've been turned down turned away?

3. Recently I was studying the Iraq War and as much as I think the troops need to be treated properly, especially the ones who are their second and third tour in Iraq, I'm concerned about your policy of ending the Iraq War perhaps too quickly? I'm concerned about the safety of the Iraqi people who did not ask for this war did not ask to lose electricity be shoved out of their homes because of all the dangers that are going on. So how are you going to be able to balance the needs of the Iraqi people as well as the security of the area with the demands the troops also have?

4. You've expressed a great desire to reform national health care in favor of a government controlled Universal System. I'm wondering if you consider this an effective solution given the long waiting lines found in many socialist countries with such a system where it can take 9 months to get a simple MRI? My grandmother died because of Universal Health Care. She was dying and she couldn't setup a simple Doctors appointment. It took her many months to get the simple medical treatment that she needed.  

5. I was wondering what do your daughters think about you running for President?

6. We've just heard about the resignation of the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. We also hear quite bit in the news about the housing crisis. But I'm interested in the second pat of his title and that is Urban Development. We have crumbling city neighborhoods, crime ridden city neighborhoods within a very few miles of here in the city of Chester, much of the city of Philadelphia, and most shamefully the lack of any significant rebuilding in the city of New Orleans. I'm curious what you would do as President to improve the Urban Development piece of that department and especially to bring New Orleans back to where it needs to be.

7. I have been laid off just about every job that I've ever had since around the late seventies. Recently my job was outsourced to Mexico. I used to make hard hats and safety equipment. The company I was in was in business for 101 years. They sent the work to Mexico. All our jobs are being outsourced, just like you said, using cheap labor and cheap materials. I would like to know what your plan is to bring the jobs back to America. We're taking care of everybody but America...

8. As Global Warming continues to threaten the world's weather patterns and ecological health, would you as President consider putting Al Gore in a cabinet level position to lead world wide efforts to reverse the trend?

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