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6. April 5, 2008 • Senator John Kerry (D) MA Town Hall • Lansdowne PA • Q & A • 2 of 2 • 32 min

Senator John Kerry (D) MA, 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate, makes a compelling case for why we should support Barack Obama for President.

Video File for download - 32 Min 228 MB mp4 file iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, Zune compatible

He answers these questions from the audience for 32 minutes in part 2 of 2:

1. I am undecided. My biggest question is "Can Senator Obama beat Senator McCain"?  I'll tell you why I have ... There are so many people in this country, and I'm a kid of the sixties, who still - and people want to deny it - but there's still a lot of racism in this country. You look at Senator Obama and you look at Senator McCain and they say "Senator McCain is like almost an icon in American history." When you think about the Hanoi Hilton and all that. And I've heard people say "Barack Obama is A. wet behind the ears" which I hate that expression. And also when you just compare them that Barack just doesn't have a chance. And I think that is one of my concerns. What's the comeback to that? What do I say to someone who says that?

2. Senator you just took responsibility for listening to Mark Schrum a couple of years ago. And not responding more forcefully to the Swiftboat Ads. The bottom line, the reason why you're not president is pretty much that you did not forcefully respond to those attacks way back when. Why then have you not been more publicly vocal and others in the Democratic Leadership in condemning those who are utilizing almost the same tactics in going against Barack Obama? I see more of Schrum on TV than I do you or any of those other folks. And wiether you're doing it behind the scenes, which I'm sure that you're doing, it's not being done publicly and yet it's been 3 weeks and Im still hearing about the Rev. Wright issue.

3. In the state of Pennsylvania we have a very popular Governor Rendell. In fact I voted for Governor Rendell. I finally made my decision that I am going to support Barack Obama. I read his biography to find out about the man and I was impressed by his speech 4 years ago. Then I looked closely at Hillary Clinton. I liked her at first. But then she started showing up herself as if she was a Co-President when she was the first Lady. She is also a Senator. I just recently read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning that said that Hillary Clinton promises to bring jobs back to Pennsylvania and Rendell is "Yes!" But I heard that in New York she promised the same thing when she was running for Senator. But I understand that they are in a negative. In PA we need jobs here. How are we going to convince and how will I respond to other people? And the labor movement is concerned that jobs are going out. And she is coming on saying I can bring jobs back when it needs to be publicized that she didn't bring what she said she was going to bring in New York.

4. I was hoping to see in negotiating an end to this occupational war in Iraq someone highlight the fact that due to the culture of the middle east people, they don't really respect women. And I think a man with the name Barack Hussein Obama might be listened to a little bit more closely. I think that should be made relevant that with his intellect and his good name he could negotiate and better and faster end to this horrible occupation.

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