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23. April 29, 2008 Barack Obama Town Hall at Lawrence Joel Coliseum, Winston-Salem NC • Q&A • 2 of 2 • 28.2 Minutes

Senator Obama answers questions on the following topics:

1. Inflation-Recession
2. How an African boy or girl knowing an African American is President will effect them
3. Why he's the best man for the working class voter
4. The Darfur Genocide & Hatian Food Shortages
5. Economic recovery through Green Industries
6. Stopping the Iraq War
7. Early Education

I regret to inform you that I was prohibited from attending the press conference that Barack refers to in this video. That was the J Wright reply event. Unfortunately for all of you, the Obama press handlers in Winston-Salem were unwilling to let me attend even though I am obviously press and you all are depending on my recordings for complete coverage of events as they unfold. This was a case of some Press being more equal than others - the Animal Farm effect. I was alone in the hallway waiting in vein for permission to attend. As a result you will never be able to see Senator Obama's full statement + the Q&A in its entirety as I am the only source for such footage in HD no less.

Download - 28.2 minute 199 MB mp4 iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, Zune Compatible Video File

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