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32. May 13, 2008 • Thorngate Ltd. Town Hall • Cape Girardeau MO • Q & A • Part 2 of 2 • 51.3 Minutes

Senator Obama answers questions from Thorngate employees and Cape Girardeau MO citizens on the following topics:

1. Inflation-Deflation
2. Depression
3. Clinton for VP
4. Made In America
5. Sunshine in the White House
6. Public School Reforms
7. Iraq
8. Job Creation

Senator Claire McCaskill answers a few questions about Senator Obama afterwards. Also shows Senator Obama shaking some hands and doing autographs afterwards and answering a question about his lapel pin from a reporter not in the audio file.

Download • 51.3 minute 362 MB mp4 iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, Zune Compatible Video File

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